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Hallmark Builds in Amo

Amo Indiana was founded in 1850. It is located in Clay Township within Hendricks County. Hallmark Homes has been building in Amo for almost 19 years since the company started. As an Amo Indiana Builder, we take pride in our work by producing high quality homes that come at an affordable price. For more than a decade, we have played a part in giving owners a good investment for their housing needs.
Amo Indiana is known for its famous 3-mile Vandalia Trail, which makes it a center for tourists and future settlers who want to be included in Amo’s constantly growing community. As for Hallmark Homes, we see Amo Indiana as an opportunity to develop and create housing designs that will cater to diverse groups of people.
Hallmark Homes has built a reputation of quality customer service. Nearly 40% of our new business comes from referrals. With that being said, we are confident that as your Amo Indiana Builder we can make the custom home of your dreams, a reality. Hallmark Homes gives a 100% guarantee of transparency in all aspects of its work; no hidden costs and no additional charges or unexplained delays. As your Amo Indiana Builder, we make sure that quality control is always incorporated in each and every step of our building process. Our customers are the heart of our company and will always be our number one priority. So when you’re ready to build your home we’d love to help.