The Hallmark Advantage

The Hallmark Secret

At Hallmark we control the process through partnership. Hallmark has maintained an official corporate partnership with our most trusted and valued contractor organization for more than 20 years. This is unprecedented in the building industry. This type of partnership has afforded us the ability to offer unbelievable value to our customers, delivering beautiful custom homes on time with controlled costs and most importantly, the highest levels of quality. Other builders say it. We Deliver!

We are very excited to bring this very successful building model to the Whitestown community!


Delivering Homes on Time

We’ve developed the most streamlined systems and processes for every stage of building your home, from change order requests to scheduling contractors.

We outline a construction schedule with our subcontractors and customers so they have a clear understanding of next steps and expectations for the timeline.

We incorporate quality control checks at specific stages of the process, which you’re welcome to attend and actually required to attend twice throughout the building process.

While other builders may have one construction manager overseeing twenty or more jobs simultaneously, our construction managers run only 3 to 6 jobs at a time.  This allows our construction managers to actively manage your home’s construction schedule and ensure quality from foundation to finish.


Keeping Cost Controlled

Our purchasing and operations team works closely with suppliers to ensure we are getting competitive pricing for each and every item that goes into the construction of your home.  The pre-production systems we have created over 30 years of homebuilding ensure we are ordering the ‘just-right’ quantity of materials for your home to save from excessive cost.

Unlike other builders’ processes, this system allows us to control the quality and consistency of materials being used in our homes. 

This system also allows our contractors to focus on your home and not get distracted by managing lumber orders (for example).

The results are phenomenal! Our contractors are loyal because we keep them working all year long. When the labor supply was low, we were well staffed with contractors.


Delivering the Best Quality

Hallmarks standards are often other builders’ upgrades, but finishes do not determine the quality of your home. Experienced contractors and structural integrity will have a much greater impact on your ability to enjoy your home for years to come. 

We focus on quality while being cost-conscious.  For instance, we offer 16” on center studs for interior and exterior walls, while most builders only offer 24” for interior walls. We use top-quality subfloors throughout your home to prevent having to replace lesser quality subflooring during (and potentially after) construction.  This also provides a more rigid and squeak-free floor.  Those are just a few examples of where we go beyond the industry standards to deliver the best quality!

We have many contractors who have been with us 20 plus years and have built 100’s of Hallmark homes. They just know our system!

We use name brand quality products and continually innovate to improve the efficiency of our floorplans.

You will have two post-closing walkthroughs at 11 months and 23 months. Most builders only offer one at 11 months, but with Hallmark you bumper to bumper warranty last 2 years!

Last, you’ll also receive an Executive seal of approval as one of our Hallmark Execs will walk each home before closing.

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