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Hallmark Homes – A Nationally Recognized Award Winning Contractor

Do you need mold tested or removed from your home?

From leaky pipes to condensation from your HVAC unit, damp areas within your home can provide the breeding ground for mold growth, which can lead to house damage or serious health problems for your family. We know that discovering mold growth in your home can be frustrating but rest assured because Hallmark Homes offers mold testing. We will be sure to determine if mold is present on surfaces and/or in the air. These tests will determine what type if mold is present.

Once testing is complete, Hallmark Homes then can determine whether remediation or sanitation is required and offer a full plan of remediation for the homeowner to follow. At the discretion of the homeowner, we can organize and execute the remediation plan.

We also offer mold prevention treatment for mold-prone areas of the home. We can clean the mold and then apply a mold preventative spray which is guaranteed up to 25 years. Without proper prevention and maintenance, mold can quickly spread throughout a home’s walls, attic, basement, bathroom, crawlspace, HVAC and kitchen. Mold can lower a property’s value and can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short period of time. If you see or suspect mold growth, contact Hallmark Homes. It is important to properly clean the suspicious areas, as well as obtaining a proper protocol to handle a mold situation. 

Paul Schwinghammer: President of Hallmark Homes
NORMI Certified Mold Assessor (CMA)
NORMI Certified Mold Remediator (CMR)