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Hallmark Homes was initially formed to meet the needs of individuals who desired to build a high quality, affordable home on their lot. If you own a building site, the equity you have may serve as down payment and additional money may not be needed. If you do not own a building side, your Hallmark Sales Consultant can assist in the search. The cost of the building site can be added to the Construction Agreement if desired. To arrive at a total price of your new home, use the following formula:

Home Site + Base Price + Options + Site Improvements = Total Investment
site cost

For Your Investment

Costs shown are approximations only which will vary depending on your building site.

*    Developed Lot: A typical developed lot is in a subdivision or within the boundaries of a town or city and would have paved roads, sanitary sewer, and a municipal water supply.

**  Does not include sand mound systems

***Does not include removal of our additional dirt

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